Aslı Gümüş

I'm Aslı, an English teacher from Turkey and I'm working as a volunteer in Ledňáček. I started this project on 1st of April and I will be here for 1 year.

I graduated from the English Language Department of Yıldız Technical University. While studying, I was teaching English to young learners. I chose to work with kids because I believe that every kid is a different universe which has its own planets and stars inside and I love discovering their unique universes. I was passionate about learning new pedagogies, disciplines and methods on how to teach kids more effectively so I discovered Montessori pedagogy. After my graduation, I started to work in a Montessori Kindergarten in Turkey and worked there for 2 years.

But I have always believed that there was something more to discover in this endless education world. So, I learnt about the ESC programme and started to look for a project which is related to my field. Finally, I met Ledňáček, which is surrounded by an enthusiastic and innovative team. Then I explored forest pedagogy and forest schools but Ledňáček was more than what I expected because they were applying both of the pedagogies together, Montessori and Forest Education.